Who in the world is…
The Flailing Willow?

– Why Hello There –
Welcome to The Flailing Willow

I’ve always been in love with nature, relaxation, self-care & creativity. Oh, and cats. I love me a good, bad, fat, skinny, grumpy, lovely, frisky, lazy, orange, black, calico, playful, bashful, GAH, I LOVE CATS!!

*huff & puff*

For the last few years, I’ve dabbled in the holistic health game, but I never took it seriously. I never treated it like something I felt I could help others explore. Then I realized, the best thing I could do right now in the gap year while I figure this thing out, is share my journey.

Along the way, I’ll be creating custom recipes, exploring nutrition and exercises that work for me, yoga and stretching, thoughts on love and self-care, DIY projects, and so much more! Join me as I explore what it means to create routines that bring good vibes and absolute joy and reality.

On Friday, we read books!

– A Foreward –
By: The Mad Fanny

“Born atop the highest, coldest peak in the middle of the Colorado Rockies during the howl of a monstrous blizzard in the wake of the longest hour of the night, A. Marie grew up adoring the blustering call of the wild. Her and aspen trees had not just been familiar, they became invooooolved, if ya’ know what I mean.

Thus, it made sense that A. Marie found herself drawn to the smelly goodness of aromatherapy and the peaceful serenity of soothing Hatha yoga. She quickly stumbled into meditation and from there began what has become become an epic, lifelong quest for absolute self-love.

Join her as she reaches for heights heretofore unreached, feelings heretofore unfelt, thoughts heretofore unshared, moves heretofore unseen, and so on and so forth until she convinces all of us that cats are the real leaders here and aromatherapy is just as good as ibuprofen.”