Chakra Yoga? A Week of Exploring and Growing

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A week of hippy-dippy chakra stuff? Sounds silly but at the same time, I totally dig all this mystical crazy stuff, so why not, hu? What’s the worst that can happen? Probably like a sprained wrist. And what’s the best that can happen? I get realigned with my right self and get my beautiful booty in motion on the path to living my favorite life? Well fine, that sounds pretty dang alright to me. Here’s a run down of how that week played out:

Monday Muladhara

Started off the week with some grounding root yoga. I forgot to wear red, but I did eat red peppers. I felt much more grounded after, seeing as this chakra has been a bit out of whack lately. This flow really left me feeling balanced and grounded. The chanting meditation at the end I very much enjoyed, except my mind is not so good at focusing so it wandered like a toddler after something shiny. Ah well, one step at a time.

Svadhishana! My favorite chakra center so far. We’ll see if that changes but for now I’m seeing a real difference from this one. Overactive AND underactive, this chakra center was unbelievably out of whack. After just the one practice, I feel inspired, energized, and excited. My creative juices have started flowing and I’ve been making healthier choices for myself. In conjunction with Monday’s manipura practice, I already feel myself being shaped back into a regular human person.
Beautiful yellow manipura. Empowering, strong, decisive, and loving. Some say this is the warrior chakra and boy is it fitting. Challenging poses, including ones I’ve not tried before (Hello fully bound eagle with crunch!), mean falling out of those poses sometimes quite frequently. I like to remind myself to smile and have a chuckle when that happens because I get cranky when I get frustrated and that’s not helpful. I left this practice feeling like a warrioress headed off to battle the big bad wolf of bad habits holding me back with his insecurities, fears, and neediness. Plans made, steps taken, I’m tackling this project called life with a stronger sense of self.
Oh boy. This chakra might need a lot of work guys. I fear it may be very underactive but, just like the other days, can feel it being stimulated after just the first practice. This practice and the self love projects I’ve taken on have left me on the verge of blooming, like some sort of rare desert flower. It feels so refreshing and lovely to begin to let go of things that don’t serve me. I am filled to the brim with eagerness to explore anahata in much more loving depth.

Friday Vishuddha

Throat chakra. Blue Vishuddha. Speaking with my voice, expressing my personal truths loud and clear. Not my strongest suit, it certainly needs work. I fluctuate between very quiet and very loud and I can only imagine how frustrating I can be to others. I loved the throat and chest opening poses in this flow however and it felt nice to focus my energy on my throat and image it bursting with healing blue light.

This flow was a slower one focused more on holding the pose, a yin practice. It was challenging and refreshing. I enjoyed the chance to really reflect and think while in the different poses. I feel like my lower chakras need a bit more stimulation and while of course this ajna flow was lovely, the spark I got from the others felt much stronger so the need for work must be stronger there. However, I relish the chance to connect to this chakra daily during meditation.
I did it! I made it to the end of the week having practiced every day! GO ME! GO ME!! DANCE PARTY! But seriously, I’m quite proud of myself for following through and capping it off with some crown chakra flow was simply the proverbial cherry on top. We started with our meditative chant and then moved into a connecting opening flow. I’ve had a lot of signs in the past few months to this chakra being opened up and I’ve taken notice of some and pushed others aside but I know it’ll soon be energized along with the others and then it’ll be much harder to ignore all those fun intriguing little signs.

Thoughts and Considerations

Oh my effective ventures! I had so much fun doing this challenge!! I didn't think it would be nearly as effective as it has been. A bunch of stuff I'm interested in but still want to poo-poo because it's silly and I don't want to be made fun of. But you know what... NO! NO. This shit had me feeling grounded, energized, creative, productive, happy, friendly, and connected. Did I mention productive? Cuz I've been insanely productive for me, and I'm a lazy person friends. (I could be more productive, but hey, that'll come in time. No worries. I'll take any and all productivity I can.) What am I doing to continue these good vibes you ask? Well...

Down the Rabbit Hole I Go

I've decided to pursue this a bit further and for the next seven weeks I'll be focusing on one chakra a week, trying to delve into each one deeper. I'll be following along with yoga videos as well as creating my own flows, incorporating the corresponding color into my wardrobe, diet, who knows what else. I'll be trying to fit it in anyway I can. Stones, gems, scents, flowers, who knows what other goodies I'll discover and include along the way! So check back in each day to see what I'm up to and what I'm learning! First up: The foundation. Muladhara, the root chakra, red, supporting and grounding.

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