I’m Doing It All Wrong

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Oh boy! Oh boy!! Oh boy!!! Saturday was the fall 🍂 equinox and that means it’s officially my favorite season. There’s so much to love!! The changing leaves 🍁 the pumpkins 🎃 the crisp cool mornings 🌄 the root veggies 🍠 the soups and chili 🍜 the scary movies 👻 the fires 🔥 the cozy clothes 👢 not to mention tea 🍵 out the wazoo! Seriously tho, don’t mention the teas. I might have a tad too many (wait, wait, wait… is that even possible?). An addiction some may say, but poo on those naysayers is what I say. To be fair tho, I should probably not buy anymore until I get down to a reasonable amount… And that might take a few 🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘 ya know what I’m saying. Anywho, I digress.

Now to say I’ve certainly been neglecting this site would be an understatement. I’ve got excuses enough to fill the whole of the Caspian sea (incidentally also the world’s 🌎 largest lake. Things I did not know until today) and a fear in putting that first foot 👣 forward. You can see it in my first post and my half-assed attempt at getting this thing going when I wasn’t completely sure how or where or what information to start diving into first. So I thought to myself “Ok I’ll redo the yoga camp challenge for the umpteenth time, restart my meditation lessons, play around with some essential oils, get my spaces in order so that they’re more peaceful and inviting and I’ll just figure it out from there.” Well as you can see, that simply didn’t work. I mean, I did get my spaces clean, and I did do several days of yoga and a day of meditation, but keeping up with the things? The figuring things out from there? Nah, nope, not even a little. So as the equinox approached, I sat and reflected on why I seemed to be making mountains 🗻 out of mole-hills and I came away with a few things:

The biggest take away is I’ve been doing this whole thing all wrong. I mean, we’re talking different languages wrong! I’ve been flailing and definitely not in a graceful way. Firstly, I’ve been reluctant to embrace this change wholly. A blog, yoga, meditating, all sorts of crafts, a plethora of interesting fun things in between? Not today new life! I’ve seriously neglected my body, my mind, my health, and my interests in doing this tho. I’ve been awful at setting and sticking to a schedule but I’ve also taken on too many vague tasks, with incomplete half-formed goals. Instead of confronting these issues, I just pushed them aside and ignored them for weeks. I’m really super extra good at that. In fact, I could probably make a career of it.

So what’s a lady to do? How do I go about setting myself on the path I want to be on? The short answer is I’m changing that mindset, getting it together, reformulating my plan, focusing those goals and seeing what happens!

I know my current yoga plan isn’t working for me and I have a good idea how I want to revamp it, give it the ol’ razzle dazzle 🎆 really spice it up! I’ve been looking into chakras recently and know, seeing as most aspects of my life have been completely out of whack, that this is a path I want to pursue more, see if I jive 👐 with it the way I think I will. I’ve found two chakra challenges, one by Allie the Journey Junkie that I’ll be doing in the morning. The other by Yoga with Kassandra will be perfect for the evening and bedtime. I’m curious to see what those challenges will open up for me. I’m also going to be adding onto this challenge in my health section by incorporating a rainbow 🌈 of foods into my diet, with the intention of eating clean and healthy for the whole month. Positive affirmations will be used, among many other things that I’m sure I’ll discover along the way. Maybe get my mystical chant on. Chakra challenges, hells yes!

What about learning about yoga tho? Not just taking another challenge, but learning some real yoga knowledge. Oh hush me, I’m getting there next. I’m going to begin at the beginning (Ha! Yeah but for realsies this time, Monday Visions) with the foundations of yoga. I considered this before but poo-pooed 💩 the idea based on the fact that I already had a foundation. I knew those poses, why should I start at the beginning? I’m past that, I’m ready for harder stuff! Don’t you know, yoga? Don’t you see?! But thinking on it, I actually don’t KNOW the poses or all their benefits and their different variations as well as I think I do. I want to get intimate with these poses. Learn their little intricacies, all their ins and outs, take control of them, master them, serve them tea 🍵 and crumpets 🍪 and braid their hair 💆. There are quite a few foundations of yoga videos I’ll be checking out and I’ll be focusing on 2-4 (I’m not sure yet, have to play around to see what works best) poses a week. In addition to that I’ll be creating flash cards to help me remember them all in a fun quick way. I also picked up several books 📚 to get acquainted with the origins of yoga. I’m pretty sure I know the one I want to start with, but I think I’ll pose the question on Twitter or Instagram and see what others think. All in all I feel much more optimistic and confident about my yoga practice this go around.

The next big issue I need to revive from its grave is my schedule 🕝 I tried a couple times to make a schedule for my days 📅 lay out a plan of attack, really conquer the tasks that need to get done. Couple different lined notebooks 📒 layouts 📝 colors schemes 🎨 and still none of them worked. But my very good buddy Fanny over at Reconstructing Wonderland had a couple different ideas that I’m going to be embracing. The first is the bullet journal 📓 When she first showed it to me, I dismissed it basically right out. It was nifty but not for me. But having really taken honest stock of how disorganized I am and the more I YouTube and Pinterest it, yeah no. I was wrong. I was way wrong! It’s definitely for me. I really enjoy being artsy 🎨 I love the customizability and I love how thorough it is. Now I haven’t really been very artsy in quite a while, so it’s been a slow start but that’s fine, I’m a slow little turtle 🐢 worker anyway. Everything in it’s own time, in it’s own way (this website included). I plan to begin using it October first, so a few more days to get it prepped and ready to go. The second thing she does is use a 3 month wall calender. She made it herself using a large picture frame and chalkboard paint. I like the idea immensely and think it’s about time I put it to functional use myself. So I’m gonna make me my own 3 month calender and stop letting the days slip away like… Like sand thru an hourglass ⏳ Cuz these are the days of my life… Oh. Oh no. That was a bad one.

Yoga? ✅ Schedule? ✅ What shall I focus my sights on next? My health, mayhaps? Well absolutely! I mentioned clean eating and including a rainbow 🌈 of colors in my diet, but my body craves more. I’ve been none too pleased with my weight & my lack of strength lately. Changing seasons = changing body? I think yes. I weighed myself for the first time in quite a while, and I have a little work to do but not as much as I was anticipating. About 10lbs to lose plus toning and strengthening. Shall I torture myself with cardio? Ew gross no! True, I always feel very accomplished and proud after but during is hell. It’s just hell. Instead of forcing myself and lying by pretending to be excited about it, I’d rather not do it at all, yamean jellybeans? But I still need to do something cardioesque, just, you know, with some actual fun and enjoyability involved. To make me forget that it’s cardio, of course. That leaves me with about 2 things: dancing 💃 and hiking 🗻 Well alrighty-ho! That is very pleasantly doable. Thrice a week, for at least 30 mins, I’ll get either my nature or my disco on, and I’ll be doing this for a whole month. Tracking to be done thru that awesome little bullet journal.

What’s that you say? I should pamper 💅 myself you say? Baths 🛁 face masks, body scrubs and lotions you say? Oh my yes, I don’t mind if do I do. The problem? Living at high altitude and going into the cooler months means dry air and dry skin. My body and face is outrageously dry right now, in between my eyebrows especially so. Like whole of the Gobi Desert dry. It’s rough. Literally. The solution? Whole new beauty routine, with lots of scrubs, oils, moisturizing and playing around to see what works. And I’ll be keeping track of it all in my trusty bullet journal!

I suppose the only things left to rework before starting off this week are meditation and aromatherapy/essential oils ♨. Forget doing self lead meditation at all! Nothing but guided meditations for this gal! For now. Setting myself up for success, you see. Instead of twice a day, once a day; however, if I get the fire 🔥 in me to do more, then so be it. As far as aromatherapy ♨ goes, I’m still trying to learn about the oils; properties, origins, pairings, yada yada. You get the idea. Sounds like another perfect job for…. Flash cards! As far as actually playing around and using them, I’ll be making a yoga mat cleaner, a room spray, and one other surprise thing. Unfortunately, my diffuser is currently out of commission, but when I get it replaced I’ll be putting it to full use.

And there we have it. A far more thorough plan, with some objectives that’ll further my journey instead of stopping it in its tracks. I’m optimistic, primed and ready to go. Welcome fall 🍂 welcome change 🍁 Check in daily to see how I’m flailing!

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