Muladhara: Day 2

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Today’s practice was Grounding for Root Chakra Yoga by the lovely Brett Larkin. It was a nice slow, very grounding practice. I enjoyed the way she encouraged melting into the ground and imagining the ground was muddy and sucking you in. I did feel quite connected to the ground and heavy when doing this. There was a lot of small shifts in poses while working through them and it was definitely challenging. I’m thinking of particular when we were in a runner’s lunge and then moving the hips, straightening up, and curling back down. It’s good work I was able to do it on both sides but it was a little rough at time. I have some tight hips.
It only made sense to follow along with Brett’s accompanying grounding root chakra meditation. I enjoy the way she leads her meditation and some of her suggestions. I especially loved focusing on my breath. I don’t normally count my breaths so this was enjoyable and I’ll be trying to incorporate that type of breathing into my meditations. I had a good ol’ time imagining growing deep roots into the earth and then sending an energetic ball of red light down to meet those roots.
The morning started off right with some cherry greek yogurt and then I had chili at work and another type of chili when I got home. So it was a bean-y meat-y day. A very tasty day to be exact. I don’t know how healthy it was, it’s got health to it, but it could be more rounded out.
I broke out my essential oils. Right now I’ve just been carrying them around and smelling them whenever I get the urge. I’ve been using cedarwood (I’m super loving this one right now!), rosemary, and patchouli. I use cedarwood most often simply because it’s most pleasing to my nose right now.

Yesterday I spaced on wearing red but then I realized that the leggings I chose had red in the pattern. So it worked out perfect! However, looking through my closet today I must admit I own very, very little red. I’ve got a couple skirts, but it’s getting cold and they aren’t warm enough, a few shirts and only a few pairs of socks. Not too many things to choose from. So I chose a red shirt, some red jewelry, and a red hair-tie. I don’t necessarily know that this helped me feel more grounded but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I like red, why don’t I own more? Strange…

I started watching some videos on youtube by a plethora of different people about all things root chakra. The one I watched the most was Chakra Boosters. I learned about root animals and she asked us to think of a root animal we connect with and just sort of think on that animal and recall it as you need. And the very first animal that jumped to my mind was the badger. Little grumpy butt badgers just called my name and who am I to not answer?

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