Muladhara: Day 3

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Yoga, Yoga, Yoga. Man I gotta tell you, each day I do yoga I fall more and more in love with it. I love the way I slow down, I’m calm but I’m still challenged, the way I connect to my self, my breathing and my mind. and now I get to connect to my root, to safety and security and love. It’s great! Each practice is a little yoga snowflake, always different. Today’s practice, a hatha flow, about 30 mins, started in forward fold, hands on ground and stayed there for a while, stretching back and arms up a little, then back down to the ground. Following that I moved my body through mountain, with arms down and then held up, wide legged forward fold, deep malasana squat, tree pose, then ended with a seated forward fold and savasana. I’m feeling holding the poses for longer periods of time, is really making a difference. It makes it easier to picture that red vibrant light at the muldhara center, to reach out and embrace it, feel it washing over me. I feel like a true little hippie, embracing every little crazy mystical thing that floats my way, but when it makes me feel this good, this safe, healthy, and connected not only to my being but to the earth, then why the crap wouldn’t I embrace it?! I have zero reason not to, so I’m going to continue doing it wholeheartedly.
I decided to follow along to a nature based meditation. Redwood Meditation for Grounding was a wonderful was to finish my day. Vicki’s voice is so calming and refreshing, it was so easy to settle into a relaxed space. I’m digging grounding myself and imagining roots growing deep into the earth, connecting me to it completely. And no joke, I can feel that sensation of grounding roots growing! It’s crazy!! I never would’ve thought that I would feel a phantom root growing out of my sit bones while I calmly meditate, but hey. There’s a first time for everything, I guess!
Clean eating wasn’t the cleanest today. I skipped lunch, which is probably never the best of ideas, but eh. Whatcha gonna do? I had a waffle and some hashbrowns for breakfast (I know, a silly and strange combo, but I didn’t make it!) and for dinner there was pork roast, salad, and mashed potatoes. Not much red to be ate but some good protein and comfort food, which just screams root chakra.
Stood in front of my closet for far too long, flipping back and forth between my leggings and nothing was what I wanted. I finally decided on a purple/orangey-yellow/green snake pattern one. I left for work feeling a little bummed that I couldn’t find the red I was wanting. It wasn’t until half-way through the morning, I realized! Jeezy-criminetly! What could be a more perfect animal for the root than the animal that is lowest and closest to it? I think my subconscious is helping me out here!

I watched some videos about the root, and did some reading as well and that was my day. Not very busy, not very exciting, but fairly productive.

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