Muladhara: Day 4

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Yoga was a quick practice today. Just under 20 minutes, it was a Revolution Road, Yoga with Adriene video. Day 25- Root Practice it was and grounded indeed I felt after having completed the practice. Some day are much busier than others and this quick practice was perfect for this particularly busy day! I had a lot of running around to do but wanted to get some sort of practice in. This video was that and it was also perfect for connecting and grounding with my root chakra. I like “plugging” myself into the ground.
I did a quick meditation right before bed. Not one I followed along with or anything, I just sat and chilled in silence. Reflected, collected, and zoned out. I tried to control my mind to a certain extent but at the same time I was mostly concerned with taking in a quiet, peaceful, happy, healing energy. I think it was pretty successful!
I had a good day of food. Breakfast was small with just a pineapple Greek yogurt, but lunch I had leftover sweet potato curry and it was DELICIOUS!! This dish seriously just gets better with time. Such good leftovers! Dinner was a tortilla soup, salad, and sweet potato fries. Lots of warming, root stimulating foods today. And boy it was tasty!

I picked up a few beets as well. I mean, purplish-red, root vegetable. It’s straight up perfect! now the problem here is that I have never had a beet. As much as I’m into trying new foods, there is something about the beet that turns me way the fuck off. I just cannot bring myself to put it in my mouth, Yet here I am, buying a bunch of them to balance this root of mine. Well, well, I’ll just have to get creative and hope for the best!

I started a watercolor picture today. It’s got 2 badgers in it and a tree. I put (or attempted to put, one little apple hanging from the tree cuz, ya know, red. But I also included the muladhara flower onto one of the badgers. I mainly did the outline in pencil and painted some white on and that was that for the day.

I wore some red earrings, some red socks and my dinosaur bones and flowers shirt, which admittedly is a strictly gray and white shirt, but bones seemed pretty grounding to me.

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