Muladhara: Day 6

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HOOWEE!! Yesterday was a doozy! I can’t believe how hard that sickness hit me. All in my head too! I still feel sick (all nose and sinus now) but I don’t feel like death warmed over so it’s a start. I wanted to do yoga but I also didn’t really want to do anything all crazy strenuous and long. Oh hello Yoga with Adriene, always there with the perfect video whenever I need! The one I found was Grounding Yoga Practice; Happy Earth Day! Five poses, slowing everything down to connect to the poses and the body, and only 20 minutes. It was still pretty difficult because holy sinus pressure pain!, but it was amazing to be back on the mat, even if it was only one day off.
I didn’t follow along to any video today. I just put on some nature music and I sat quietly with my spine straight and hands on my knees. I tried to breathe serenely through my nose but that was impossible. Mouth breathing for me now! Oh boy!! I sat for who knows how long (it was like 7 minutes. WOW!), letting my mind flow naturally but trying hard not to get sucked into the thoughts passing by. Obviously I got sucked in but I don’t think I got sucked in for too long before getting back on to a more focused track. I’m getting this meditation stuff down! Huzzah!
Visited with my parents and my brother and we made biscuits and gravy for breakfast. It’s my mom’s recipe; comfort food, home cooking, deep family roots. Oh boy, this is a perfect breakfast!! Biscuits and gravy is a big, heavy, stick to your ribs, filling meal. No need for lunch. I mowed down on a grilled cheese and some sweet potato fries. A little touch to that chakra with the fries.
Oh wow, guys. Today was effing BEAUTIFUL!!! Instead of reading or watching videos about chakras, I had to get my booty in the out of doors and soak up that sun! I spent a good chunk of my morning and afternoon outside. I did a wee bit of yoga, a wee bit of reading. But mainly I just lounged, coonected my bare feet to the earth and drank up the warmth from the sun. 61 degrees you guys!! 61 degrees!! That’s flipping gorgeous for October!

I wore a red shirt and some red earrings and I used some cedarwood as a pick-me-up when I wasn’t outside.

Not a crazy productive day, but what a stimulating day for my root!

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