Muladhara: Day 7

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I might have made mention in the past that Sunday’s are for Shoshoni Yoga Retreat. I stinking love that place. And this day would’ve been like any other, but for one fact… The snow. It snowed! It snowed a LOT!! And it snowed all day. I half expected to see the cat in the hat stroll by. I do not enjoy driving in the snow (thanks, mom) so I just said “Nah. Not today snow. You win.” I stayed home instead and checked in with Yoga with Kassandra, doing a Root Chakra Yin Yoga. This class’s message was one of safety, abundance, and belonging. I took this class back over the summer and remember it being quite difficult for me. The first move is a toe tuck foot stretch type move and it was like straight torture. The rest of the practice was not much easier. This time around, while the foot stretch still was uncomfortable and painful a little, it, as well as the rest of the class, was soooo much easier! Yaaay regular practice! But also yaa for feeling much more grounded! I was way out of sorts over the summer and had a lot of root chakra fears so I imagine that that contributed to how difficult that practice was originally. Also I don’t practice yin often, so holding those poses for so long is quite a challenge!
I wanted to keep the flow of slowness, comfort and peacefulness going that I had been cultivating all day in this snowy, chilly weather. I lit all my candles, turned off the lights and plopped my behind down into a comfy seated pose. I prefer to keep my feet one in front of the other or in a fire log position when I’m meditating. Got all situated, and I turned on 10 minute guided meditation, Grounding Through the Root Chakra. It was soothing and just what I was looking for! I really enjoyed the way this meditation was led, the imagery she used and the softness and cadence of her voice. I’ll probably search out more of her videos, if she has any. After that video was through, I just let the next video play. It was just some Chakra Balancing Meditation music but it was a-maz-ing! I sat up for a while, but eventually I moved into a laying down position and zoned out to this incredibly relaxing and lovely music. It was really hitting all the right nerves, buttons, spots, or whatever you want to call ’em. I really dug it. I didn’t listen to the whole video because it’s an hour long and I had other things to attend to but I’ll be coming back to that whenever I feel the need. Gonna add it to a list or something.
Well now, I don’t seem to have fallen off the clean eating track but there is a wheel coming off and I’m teetering precariously. But it’s alright. I’m trying not to beat myself up over things like this, and so long as I’m not eating horrible bad for me things every meal and in between then it’s gonna be ok. I had some cereal and hash browns for breakfast, some crackers cheese and fruit for lunch, and for dinner I had the last of the leftovers from that sweet potato curry. Man it’s good. So full of good things! A semi-decent day of eating. Some good things, some ok things. Overall, a thumbs up.
I didn’t bother with trying to wear red today, I was dressing for warmth and comfort! However, I know that blacks and browns are good root chakra supporting colors, and I have a lot of black to choose from, so I tossed on my black skeleton ghost sweater, my black leggings and some fuzzy red and green polka dot socks. Comfy and still connecting to that root. Double whammy!

I have a wax melter that I put to frequent use. Because it’s October and time for all things pumpkin, cider, warming spices, etc., I had to turn it on and get my room into that heavenly smelling state. I am all about the fall smells. Seriously. Like obsessed. They are probably my favorite of all the smells. Anywaaaaaaays… I combined a few cubes of pumpkin spice with a few cubes of mulled cider and oh… just nose heaven oh… it’s good.

I worked some more on that painting I started. Added browns for the tree and ground, colored the sky blue, and that little apple red. I added more white to the badgers. and that was all I got done. I’ll finish up the black on the badgers soon, as well as finishing up the Muladhara mandala on the big badger. Productivity, score! Now, I’m not crazy artistic and I haven’t done art seriously in years, so no judgements! Also, I can’t make clouds to save my life. Looks easy. Should be easy. It’s not. I don’t know why I can’t get em, but boy can I not! Practice, practice I hear the winds saying…

Final Thoughts

  • Connector.

    Balanced Chakra

    I stimulated and balanced the shit out of this chakra! It’s been out of whack for a good while but really focusing on it, acknowledging the things that scare and worry me, finding ways to change or fix or accept what isn’t working for this center has been so helpful. I didn’t realize how big an impact little changes make to this chakra. I imagine it’ll be similar in the other chakras, but it really was surprising how stimulating something as simple as just wearing or thinking about the color red could be. Speaking of stimulating…

  • Connector.

    Overstimulated Root

    Jeezy Creezy!!! Holy sinus, blowing nose, head pain! Now I really can’t tell you what the root cause of this is. Could just be a sickness going around I was unlucky enough to catch. Could be the Tibetan 5 Rites moving some icky things out of me. Could be that I spent an entire week stimulating and nourishing this chakra in so many different ways that it was just shining it’s ruby red light as brightly and lovingly as it could. Unfortunately that’s just too strong and it backed up in me. Or some shit like that. Much more likely it was a combination of all three. Whatever the cause, I’m not digging it.

  • Connector.

    Helpful Takeaways

    What I’m most grateful about is the new knowledge I’ve gained from this. Now I have so many tricks up my sleeve for when my root is feeling low and neglected or when it’s all overstimulated and needs to be calmed down. I know how to connect with the Muladhara chakra in so many different ways and forms, and I can incorporate it so easily into my everyday life! Oils, yoga, nature, meditation, animals, food, journaling, flowers, stones, herbs, and so much more; I’ve got an arsenal of tricks now!

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