Solar Plexus Chakra Week: Update & Check-in

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Week Three: chakra exploration.

EEEEEPPPPP!!! Here we are!! Week 3 already and we are on to a chakra that I know needs some love and attention. I’m crazy pumped for it as well because it’s color is yellow and I may have mentioned before that my favorite color is yellow. And if I haven’t mentioned that, then I just did, and you know now, so never forget. It’s important to me. I kid! I kid! But seriously, I do love it an inordinate amount. Probably way more than the average normal person likes their favorite color.

Last week was a wonderful week full of strong unexpected emotions, brought on by a variety of factors I’m sure, not the least of which was all the stimulating chakra work done. I’m digging all the different things I’m learning, about myself, the chakras, and everything in between. I’m grounded and safe. I’ve awakened my creative, sensual side. Now I’m ready to boost my self-esteem and claim my power and vision.

Manipura. To act. I do. I am empowered. The seat of self-esteem, self respect, confidence, personal power, vision, drive, willpower. Lemongrass I know is a good scent for this chakra. Corn, squash, bananas, yellow foods, all good for this chakra. I’m not sure what other types of foods would be associated. As far as animals, I don’t know but my guess would be a bear or a tiger. A powerful, strong, confident animal. There’s much to learn and explore the week and what follows will be full of bright, sunshiney yellow. It will be full of positivity, patience, acceptance, desire, intention, determination, and power. What scents, animals, foods, stones, etc. associated with the self-esteem chakra will be put into a regular rotation? What will I use the most? What will resonate least? Which will I pluck for regular personal use, or toss aside if it serves me not? I don’t know the secrets this week will hold but I do know that you’re bound to see some fun stuff if you stick around!

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