What’s My Deal With Meditation?

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To meditate. To think deeply, to focus one’s mind for a period of time, either in silence or through chanting. I’ve been following along with the Yoga with Allie chakra challenge and at the end of each video she includes a chanting meditation (and seriously for the first couple days I beat myself up because I was avoiding meditating and I felt like a slacking failure until I realized… durrrrrr! I AM meditating!! This brain sometimes, I swear.) Anywhoozles, I’ve realized a few things from this first week of meditating:

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    I Suck at This

    We start by chanting aloud, then slowly get softer until we’re silent and chanting in our minds. And as soon as we stop chanting aloud my brain starts running a mile a minute with any and every thought that decides to glance it’s way. I try to reign them in but I don’t even realize it’s happened at first, so they get to run rampant for a while probably. Cripes it’s ridiculous!

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    My Back is Getting Stronger

    I’ve gots the bad posture guys. I’m a serious slouch monster! And the first time I ever sat to do meditation my back was in total disbelief. “What the shit are you doing to me?” it screamed from it’s painful rigid posture. It saw no need to continue such tomfoolery. But I sorta somewhat persevered and combined with yoga, those muscles are slowly strengthening. Now my back only grumbles and groans in discontent. Huzzah progress!

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    It Leaves Me Smiling

    Without fail, after the end of every video, I have a smile on my face and a desire to spread my happiness.

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    It's Challenging Me

    Trying to reign in and train my mind to concentrate on chanting, or my breathing, or just in acknowledging my thoughts but not getting lost in them has been an incredible challenge. I am obviously not so great at it right now and it can be frustrating but it also really makes me want to get better at it. So challenge accepted, meditation. I’m gonna master you, just you wait and see.

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    The Calm!

    The calm after the meditation? Crazy lovely, guys. Crazy lovely. Goes hand-in-hand with that smiling. Those feelings coupled with the challenge of strengthening my mind muscles have me eager to fire up that tranquil corner of my room and settle down for a daily meditation session or two. Or three.

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