Root Chakra Week: First Update & Check-in

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Week one: chakra exploration.

Square, idk, 3, you guys. It’s definitely not square one though. And that means that it’s time to begin my in depth exploration of the chakras and see what resonates, what flops, what works, what doesn’t. These next several weeks are shaping up to be quite exciting! This week will obviously be spent on seeing what’s the dealio with that root chakra. Red is the color of choice and the chakra itself deals with rooting, grounding, survival. I don’t have a complete plan laid out because I’ll be learning and incorporating as I go and I’d be erroneous to be so ambitous, but I do know I want to do at least 3 videos led by someone else and I want to make at least 4 sequences myself.

I discovered this website tummee while researching one day and I gotta tell you, I freaking love it!! It’s so informative and easy to use. (Side note, I’m not paid for recommending them or anything in my posts, I just dig them a lot.) Anyways, that’s what I’ll be using to create those sequences. I’m also going to be incorporating scents using essential oils and eating as many compatible foods as I can. And since it’s also vegetarian month, I’ll be working on eating vegetarian as often as possible this month. I really don’t know much at this stage of the game, so it’ll be a lot of fun to discover all about this chakra and work it into my life and document the effects and changes, or lack-thereof, that it brings about.

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