Why hello there, moonbeam child!
Do you know how downright STUNNING you are?!
GO ON...
You are a beaming ray of organic expression & love & curiosity...
But somewhere along the way, someone(s) told you to dim your shine. And that judgment left a lasting impact on the way you choose to manage your emotional wellbeing and cultivate a fulfilling livelihood.
I'm here to remind you how naturally magnificent you really are!
What makes a moonbeam?
The moon is a symbol of cycles and shadow. Unlike the sun, the moon shows itself to us in different phases throughout each month. But each time it does, whole or incomplete, beaming or dimmed, we appreciate it for the expression it shows us. It's a beautiful reminder that no matter what phase or expression we're experiencing in life, we are always as potent, powerful, and pure as the moon herself! I choose to use the term "moonbeam" to describe myself and my audience because I want us all to feel valuable with whatever unique expression we choose to unleash, regardless of whatever phase we're in as we do so.
Who is The Flailing Willow?
Hey there, friend! Let me tell ya, after 16 years of working in child development, you know what I learned? I learned that we're all just toddlers on the inside, desperately seeking love and nourishment from every moment of life. In fact, most of us curate our existence around proving that we're "worthy" enough to receive that love. But the truth is: we've always been worthy. We just forget that because of peer pressure, poor parenting, and societal influences that leave us feeling like our most organic self needs taming. I'm here to remind you how absolutely stunning you are by nature and how learning emotional maturity can be a fun source of therapy for expressing your brightest moonbeam self!
Love, Angela
Values, Mission & Purpose
I seek to serve anyone who has been told their passions and interests are stupid, silly, won't ever make them money, or are a bad idea. I'm here for anyone who's ever felt dissuaded from what they were most interested in because it wasn't "smart" or "good enough" or because it went against the grain of the status quo.

I'm here for anyone who then felt lost, confused, inadequate, unworthy, unloved, useless and tired of searching for a way to fit in.

I wish to serve anyone who has lacked self love and appreciation and feels at a loss as to how to even begin regaining those things. Anyone who is interested in unique holistic, outside the box approaches to healing. Anyone who wants to bring balance, play, joy and wonder into their lives using a wide array of modalities and teachings. Anyone who wants to reconnect to and nurture the wounded inner child.