Anahata Thursday

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“The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.”Mother Teresa

Joy of joys!! Another snow day!!! Alright Colorado! Winter’s sending us off into spring right. Only got about a week left of winter, and it’s most certainly been a rather lackluster season. This here little storm, tho, was exactly what we needed. Now I’m the first to admit that I really am not a snow fan. Give me sun, warmth, and non-inclement weather any day of the week! But if we don’t get the snow, then there goes the camping season. You can just forget about any campfires and what’s camping without a fire? Pathetic is what it is. Anyway, the point is… I have another full day to play around but mainly I’ll be focused on healing my Anahata chakra.

I popped on my greenest outfit (st. patty’s leggings and a green tank top) and hopped onto my mat, eager to start my day with a little yoga. I started off with the yoga with Adriene Dedicate practice and then moved into the yoga with Kassandra chakra focused one. Let’s say it wasn’t great starting off. We started with the Breath of Fire, or Kapalabhati. How do I feel about this? I….. HATE!! this breath. Each time I do it, it really doesn’t feel right; my breath, stomach, mind, every part of me says fuck this shit, I canNOT get my breath or stomach to do what apparently I’m supposed to be doing, I’m immediately frustrated, I know I’m not doing it properly but I don’t know how to do it properly and it. Fucking. Pisses. Me. Off. So I started my practice off with tears of anger and frustration. Good. Wonderful place to start. Perfectly summing up the way the past week and a half has been going. Thankfully for me, I moved through the rest of my practices with less resistance. I am slowly easing myself out of my sadness. The affirmations we repeated during the chakra session did not seem to make me as upset as I was anticipating they would, so perhaps I need to do (slightly) less work than I thought I did.

Regardless, I’m still going to put as much work in for this chakra as I can, even if the affirmations didn’t bring up the emotions in me that I thought they would. I’m still repeating affirmations to myself throughout the day, mainly “I am open to giving and receiving love,” and “I am fulfilling my heart’s desire.” I think these ones will help my closed off heart to open and accept that everything is alright and headed in the right direction.

Anahata foods are, of course, green. Leafy vegetables, green teas, green watery fruits, beans, and spices. This may be a little harder as I don’t have many green foods about right now. However, I made cauliflower rice the other day, which has cilantro AND lime in it (so so perfect for anahata), so definitely lunch or dinner with that. I also believe I have some salad mixes, if not a big bag of baby spinach, to use. So limited options for sure, but limited options are better than no options! Oh, and I can easily sip some heart warming tea as well.

One of the best ways to heal the heart chakra is to get out in nature, soak up the fresh air and, if you’re lucky, sunshine. Weeeeeeellllll….. I want to go outside, but I also am loving being inside in the warmth. I don’t have to put on warm socks and a coat and shoes and head out into that deep ass snow. I want to go outside, but I want to go outside when it’s nice, not when it’s a foot of snow and windy and cold. I am NOT a winter person. So frustrating that I might have to suck it up and brave it anyway haha.

I’ll be doing a little coloring, mayhaps painting even, and maybe some crocheting. I’ll definitely be getting some reading in. A couple simple but effective ways to combat the anahata blues. Come back tomorrow to see if I’m sticking with everything and how Ajna day plays out.

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