Svadhisthana: Day 1

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“Instead of resisting any emotion, the best way to dispel it is to enter it fully, embrace it and see through your resistance.”Deepak Chopra


Yoga today was a sacral chakra flow for creativity. This is another video by Brett Larkin. Today was not the best of days. The dogs got in the garbage, pooped in the house, and I stepped in that poop with my socks (thank cripes not baretfoot but still!!!!) and then my computer broke. It was not a super great day and by the time I got onto my mat I was upset and overwhelmed and the tears were starting to flow. But just a few minutes into this lovely fluid session had me feeling more calm and less upset. I guess I needed to sink into that sadness and woe for a bit, then take a few breaths, a step back, and say “It’s alright. A broken computer isn’t the end of the world even though it is less than 3 years old and it’s very upsetting and shitty that this happened.” And once I got that out of the way I was able to focus more fully on what I was doing. Yoga really has a great way of taking you out of your thinking mind and making you focus on the task at hand. This really was a very fluid, flowing practice. There wasn’t too much holding positions for long, but there was a lot of amazing deep stretching. It was just the ticket for my frazzled mind! It’s a good thing this is the week of emotions, and boy did I start off strong.


I choose to keep the Brett Larkin vibe afloat and did her accompanying sacral meditation video. I had a lot of fun with this one. I’m used to sitting still, silently, hands on knees or somewhere similar. This video started with some fun hand pumping and breathing movements to awaken that chakra. We also did some unbalanced hand positions, one up and one down. I really am liking the way that Brett leads you through her meditations. She’s very calming and I love the imagery she uses.


Well after the whole dog poop sock incident, after washing the carpet, and doing laundry, I needed to just get the hell away and forget about everything. So I decided to pamper myself, which got ignored completely last week. I drew myself a bath, tossed some epsom salts, cedarwood/sweet orange essential oils, and a lavender bath bomb in, and settled myself in for a relaxing time. Now I didn’t mean to fall asleep (ain’t nobody got time for drowning) but boy was it heavenly and I guess really needed. I had to recharge and emerge clean and fresh. But then my computer broke and all my recharging went out the window. Rough, man. Rough. Yoga really helped with that, though, so it turned out to be an afternoon full of emotions and healthy outlets. What could be more absolutely perfect to start off this svadhisthana week?

I ate pretty well and I tried to use as much orange as I could. I made a cheesy vegetable bake for dinner. It was full of onion, squash, zucchini, sweet potato and cheese. Unfortunately it was only a side dish, and unfortunately my hamburger went bad, so to round it out I popped a pizza in the oven. It was easiest. No judgments. I also had a shake for breakfast and lunch with lots of peaches and pineapple. I didn’t do too bad overall.

If I thought I didn’t own much red, I REALLY don’t own much orange. It’s going to be hard (or fun!) to piece together outfits with orange in them. I’m gonna have to get creeeeeeative! Fitting. I ended up wearing my broncos shirt and some socks with orange on them.

This chakra is really testing me already. Right from the get go too! I wonder if it’s crazy out of whack? I didn’t really get a chance to read or look into svadhisthana today so I’m not sure, but I’m quite curious to find out.

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