Manipura Wednesday

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“I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship.”Louisa May Alcott

Today was not a normal day. It was, instead, a SNOW DAY!!!! Finally!! I have been waiting all season for one! I was up early, as I normally am, dressed in a yellow tank top and yellow and green leggings. When I found out it was a snow day, I switched into a more comfortable shirt, an Anchorman “I love scotch” t-shirt. Haha, that shirt is easily one of my favorites, and it has a nice bit of yellow on it. Bonus! I was going to go ahead and do my yoga for the day but then I was feeling a little sleepy, so I instead went back to sleep for a while. When I woke up I ate some breakfast, a little cereal (which wasn’t my first choice, but is actually a perfect choice for Manipura) and did a little reading. Right before lunch rolled around, I got the sleepy sleepies again and decided to give into a nap and ending up sleeping til almost 3! Geesh I must’ve needed it, I guess. Even after waking up and doing a little housework, I was still sleepy. I had to really talk myself into doing my yoga, but both practices were exactly what I needed. My Dedicate practice (day 8 already, go me!) was a slow, calm meditation focused practice and the chakra practice was, of course yin, but also an easier one. There were no poses that really made me struggle, like the lizard type hip opener ones do. Everything was simply a wonderful deep stretch. Exactly what the doctor (me. I’m the doctor) ordered.

Dinner wasn’t exactly healthy tho, but ya know what? When you have a craving for pizza, and you have access to one in your freezer, you take advantage. So worth it! I have healthy leftover foods for tomorrow so no worries that today wasn’t the healthiest. At least the grains and dairy were tops for Manipura.

Truthfully, I didn’t get much done today. I had the tired’s down deep in my bones and I couldn’t shake them. I’ll probably even head to bed a little early even. A girl’s gotta do what her body’s demanding she do, ya know. Tomorrow is Anahata day and frankly I think that’s the chakra that needs the most love and attention. Between the quitting smoking, the period, and I’m sure a few other things, I’ve been very angry and very sad and my empathy and sympathy have been quite low. This chakra is depleted and needs some sweet love to get it back to bright. Better get rested so I can tackle it properly. Come sneak a peek at what I get up to tomorrow during Anahata Thursday!

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