May Classes: Lip Goodies

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Homemade lip products?! Oh my, yes!

Lip balms, lipstick, and lip glosses! This class taught them all, using good for you ingredients.

A few weeks ago, I took a class on natural remedies for mental and emotional health. It really stirred a fire in me and got me thinking and moving. And what’s a hermity, homebody lady to do when the urge to better herself hits? Why suck up that urge to stay in and start going to more classes of course!

Are you addicted to chapstick? Desperately need to feel it’s hydrating smoothness glide across your parched mouth? Hear it’s siren call every time your traitor tongue slips across the desert that is your lips?

Well lovelies, if you’re anything like me, those ol’ kissers have been hopelessly addicted, probably for years. In fact, I have 13 chapsticks of varying brands on my end table as I’m writing this. Burt’s Bees is a personal favorite.

Normally, those chapsticks would be gone in a blink of an eye, but they’ve lasted so long because I switched to something different the last few months. I’ve been using Vaseline and I dug it for a while but I’ve been wanting to make a switch. In light of wanting to better myself and my body, I’ve been avoiding using it so much and looking for alternatives I can feel better about.

I browse facebook’s local app for things to do, nifty classes, fun concerts, all that jazz. On one of those browses what pops up but a Homemade Lip Recipes class. Well isn’t that just what the universe ordered? So of course I jumped at the chance to participate in this class! The first part of the class, we simply went over different oils, butters, waxes, essential oils, base ingredients, coloring agents, and tips and tricks. Amber, the lovely lady leading the class, also provided 2 pages worth of recipes and variations. Then we hopped right into recipe making.

We made 3 recipes: a peppermint patty lip balm, a basic lipstick, and a basic lip gloss. We took home 5 products (2 lip balms, 2 lip glosses, and 1 lipstick).

What is more go-to in lip balms than peppermint? Not much, that’s for sure. Maybe cherry? This lovely balm has the perfect amount of peppermint (and a bit of vanilla!). If you’re like me you’ve tried the original Burt’s Bees peppermint lip balm. And if you’re also like me, you hated it. It’s so damned strong! That tingly lip feeling I am just not a fan of. With this recipe, you’re only putting in a drop or two of the essential oil so it doesn’t overwhelm and irritate. Perfection!! The recipe is simple: Avocado or almond oil (we used avocado), peppermint infused olive oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, and peppermint/vanilla essential oil. Basically you melt everything except the essential oil (which you add directly to the empty tube) and then pour it right into your waiting tube. Allow it to cool before putting the cap on and voila! Lip balm in no time at all!

And that was the class! It was a blast, I learned A LOT, and I am beyond excited to start making my own things. I will need to go out and buy supplies and things, so I won’t be making anything anytime quite soon, but I am still soooo hyped for what’s to come!

The class was held on the workshop side of a local apothecary, and at the end of class we were given the option of exploring the shop. If we bought anything, we received an additional 10% discount. I picked up a big tea and a few tea samples. I also purchased a sage bundle and two sticks of palo santo. Holy wow, babes. Somebody get me some motherfucking toast…. cuz that is my JAM!! It’s a campfire anywhere you want. It’s perfection. I can’t get enough. Those two sticks will not last long hehe.

Pop your heads back in to see what other classes I’m trying my hand at!

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