May Classes: Natural Lotions

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Natural lotions using good for you ingredients? Sign me up, buddy!

Easily customizable, comes together quickly (probably in less than an hour if you know what you’re doing), goes on non-greasy and absorbs quickly, this lotion is straight tops!

I have the driest skin. It’s like the whole of the Gobi desert and if I don’t moisturize regularly (which I’m bad about and don’t) you can most assuredly tell. Sooo ashy!!

When I do remember to moisturize, I use all sorts of lotions. I enjoy the amazing smelling ones from Bath and Body Works (my favorite is the twisted peppermint) but St. Ives is probably my favorite. I like that it isn’t heavy and rubs in quickly. The lotion we made in class reminds me of St. Ives in that it is also neither heavy nor greasy and rubs in well.

During my forays into Ayurveda, I learned about the benefits of oil massages. I do one once in a while when I remember and have time. I’d like to start doing them more often but the problem I find is that it’s oil. It’s greasy and it stays on your skin and takes FOR. EV. ER. to absorb. I mean, it is crazy moisturizing and makes my skin look and feel amazing, but waiting for it to dry, leaving greasy oil stains on your clothes… it’s… it’s just ugh.

So I’m in the market for something I can make myself, something that’s highly moisturizing but won’t leave me greasy for hours, something that uses high quality ingredients, ingredients that aren’t a mile long and that I can actually pronounce. I’m in the market for some food for the skin.

I’ve been keeping my eye on the local apothecaries lately to see if any fun classes pop up. Lucky ducky me found the perfect one recently: a DIY Natural Lotion Workshop. So it goes without saying that I was taking this class come hell or high water.

To start, we went over supplies, where to find them, tips and tricks, and ingredients we would be using in class, which included: sunflower oil, cocoa butter, emulsifying wax, distilled water, lavender hydrosol, vegetable glycerin, citric acid, vitamin e, and lavender essential oil.

You can customize this recipe with literally any ingredients you want so long as the amounts stay the same. Want apricot oil? For sure man! Want almond, avocado, and carrot seed oil? Do it! Do it, I say!!!! Want to make it smell like a forest, a garden, or fall afternoons? Get down to it! Anything your heart desires, make it into this lotion.

Once we got the basics out of the way, we commenced lotion making. There are 3 phases to homemade lotion: the oil, water, and lastly the lotion phase.

You start with the water phase: add proper amounts of water, hydrosol, glycerin, and citric acid to a glass measuring cup, add thermometer, put in double boiler and heat to 150-160 degrees. Keep that temp for 20 minutes. Don’t overheat.

Do the exact same thing for the oil phase (sunflower oil, cocoa butter, and emulsifying wax).

Once those steps are completed, combine the water and oil phases and mix using an immersion blender.

Once the oil has cooled to about 110 degrees, add the essential oils and vitamin E, pour it into a container and *BAM* lotion.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy, if not a little time consuming.

Once this little container runs out, I will be rolling my sleeves up and creating a flailing willow original lotion. Pop in sometime to see what it will be!

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