May Madness Begins…

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“Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek.” Mario Andretti

Determination. Commitment. Consistency. But most of all, patience.

A small mix for a bit of success.

I did not, even a little, anticipate the amount of overwhelming-ness this project take on. This dream, and labor of love,.. it’s large. A huge undertaking. It’s overwhelmed me. I have suffered for it. This project has suffered for it.

But I’ve finally said no more! I have begun to knuckle down, buckle down, and do it. Do it. Do it.

I’ve been working on my bullet journal like a crazy person in preparation of May. Everytime I’ve tried to use this bullet journal, I make one week and then wait to make the next week. Since I’m a horrible procrastinator though, I would always wait till the last minute to make the next week. It would get started late and I’d only do the bare minimum.

Things did not get done. At all. I gave up.

I approached this month differently. I prepped for the WHOLE month. All the weeks are done, I’ve made different trackers, I’ve begun doodling and decorating some of the pages. I am almost completely done with it, only have to begin really hardcore decorating it.


It’s small victories like this that really make me feel better. One project done makes it easier to tackle another project. And then another. And so on, and so on… Til I’m old and decrepit… Til the end of time…

This is a big project and there are so many different branches of said project. Knowing where to start has been far harder than my misjudging mind judged. However… Bullet journal + calendar = well formed plan. I have days full of activities, with little boxes to check when those activities get done. I can see the days pass by, and will know if I start falling behind.


What’s that mean for the upcoming month? What fun goodies will fill my basket?

  • Yoga and Meditation

    I’ll be following along with the Yoga with Adriene October playlist, and doing yoga in a studio once a week. I’ll be delving into different styles, reading many yoga books, and creating fun yoga cards. I want to ease into meditation. I know it’s “easy” but I haven’t been able to make a habit of it yet, so 4 times a week to start. Pick it up from there.

  • Health and Exercise

    I want to keep focusing on Ayurveda, so at least 4 times a week I’ll be doing something Ayurvedic-related. In addition, I want to add in some harder exercise in addition to yoga. Working out is really not my jam, but I figure 30 minutes 3x a week shouldn’t be too bad. And if it’s dancing? Even better!

  • Outdoors

    My god-damn fucking favorite!! Nice(r) weather (it’s snowing as I type this) means much more outside time. I splurged on new hiking boots and I have quite a few hikes planned for the month. I also want to do a little fishing, maybe some reading, yoga, crocheting, and a picnic in the great wide yonder.

  • Crafts and More

    One hour of crafting (durn’t matter what, so long as it’s crafty) a day, I’m thinking the hour or so right before bed. Depending on the project of course, a perfect way to wind down the day and relax. I have two classes (lotion making & smudging, salts, and sprays) planned and if any other cool ones pop up, I’ll certainly be attending. A concert or two to get my groove on at may also be in order.

And there we have it… a semi-well thought out plan for the whole month. I am so tickled to start this month and show my procrastinating ass who’s boss!! Pop back in once or twice to see the scheisse I get up to!

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