Muladhara: Day 5

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I visited a friend yesterday and after telling him about my little yoga adventure he lent me a book, Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth Book 2 by Peter Kelder. So very first thing this morning, right after batting my little eyelids open, I hopped onto the floor and got to it. For those unfamiliar, as I was and basically am, you first go through a short warm up and then jump into the five rites, a series of yoga like moves, repeating each move three times. After one week, you increase by 2, so instead of doing 3 sets, it’s now 5. Each week increases by 2 until you get to 21! That’s a lot of times!! The rites, in Angela-ese, include spinning, a head and leg lift, a camel like pose, sitting to tabletop transition flow, and a down dog to up dog transition flow. It was forewarned in the book that things may get worked up while doing these moves. Anywhoozles, I got onto my mat and got right down to it. Now to say I felt off would be a ridiculous understatement. I had been fighting a hint of a cold this week. Lots of runny yet stuffed nose, and LOTS of blowing. But everything was clear so whatever right? WRONG!! I don’t know what happened overnight but there was a horrible, evil shift. I woke up with a headache and very icky feeling. Not a good sign. But I though meh, it’ll be fine or at the very least these exercises will help me feel a bit better. Oh… Oh no… Oh no no no…. they KILLED me!! The spinning happened first. Now I spin once in a while. I don’t have a problem with it. In fact I enjoy it. But it almost made me vomit (WTF?!) today and that just set the bar I think. It was a struggle to finish it all but by golly I did it! And maybe I shouldn’t have because no matter how much medicine I took, how many naps I took, I just could not shake this horrible headache, sinus, head cold, monster of a sickness. I was straight useless today. So yeah. That was yoga I did today. A sort of yoga that tried to kill me.

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