Muladhara Monday

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“Get yourself grounded and you can navigate even the stormiest roads in peace.”Steve Goodier

A day of Muladhara stimulation. A red outfit picked out, a grounding yin practice, journaling, and foods to get the base chakra glowing a little brighter:

I meant to start my day off bright and early (I normally wake up quite early. 4:30 is not an unusual time, although it tends to be more around 4:45/5) but of course with day light savings time that didn’t quite happen and I did not have the time to start my day off with yoga, or even making my own breakfast, as I’d intended to do. Thank goodness I picked out my outfit the night before (my red shirt with a black raven and nevermore across the top, leggings with bits of red throughout, and socks with red as well. I forgot the red jewelry I picked out. Oh well, I got the main components lol) or I might of not worn anything red! And with that, I grabbed a banana and an orange and rushed out the door. I forgot about the apples in the crisper. Darn! But maybe an after dinner treat…

The morning was… not great… I was in a not so sunshiny mood and I knew that I was feeding into it and making it worse, but that didn’t help stop me from being a grumpasaurus rex. When I got home, though, I did my 30 days of yoga practice and followed that right up with my muladhara focused practice. I decided to do the Yoga with Kassanda Chakra series again. This practice certainly tested me at points and made me question and think about where I currently am at and how I feel about it. I was able to sit back and say, “hey, you’re at a good place and everything is as it should be. You’re being an asshole and you know it so knock it off because there’s no reason for it.” And I felt much better after the practice.

I had meant to make a black bean taquito and cauliflower rice dinner but then I opened the fridge and saw how many left overs there were and decided to make use of one of them instead before they went bad. Falafel, hummus, tabbouleh, cucumber tomato salad. I have a smorgasbord of food! And while it may not be exactly what I was hoping for in terms of chakra boosting food, it still has the tomato, red onion, and lots of garbanzo beans, which are protein and excellent for this chakra. I guess I’m just being nitpicky because it actually works quite well for this chakra.

I’m finishing up my day with a little meditation and journaling and since it’s daylight saving and it’s 5:30 and the sun shows no sign of dropping behind the mountains, I may go try to do some barefoot grounding outside. Unfortunately the problem with this is it just got finished snowing after a good several hours and the ground is probably very cold and wet. If it’s not still all covered in snow it most certainly will be muddy. Hmmm… dilemma…. I will let you know tomorrow if I braved to stick my bare tootsies onto the cold earth.

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