Svadhisthana: Day 3

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“The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.”Dorothy Parker


So I’ve been trying to work on my “social media presence.” I’m not one for it frankly but I’m trying. I’m also not one for schedules (we know this) nor being so busy. I’m used to lazy lackadaisical days so I tend to end up squandering my time more often than not. Today just happened to be one of those more often days. The point being, by the time I was done doing the other things I needed or didn’t need to do for the day, it was late evening. Back to that social media presence thingy, I’ve started 2 different Instagram challenges this week, one on Monday and the other started today. I’ve only got to take two pictures, one for each. However, I’m STILL fighting this illness. It’s definitely on the mend but it’s hanging around and sucking the energy right out of me. I tried to take those pictures. I really did. I tried different angles, outfits, lighting, you name it. But none of them looked good and I am tired to the depths of my bones, so that is that. I say no more, accept not only that those pictures aren’t going to get taken nor posted til the morrow, but also that focusing on those postures is gonna be my yoga for the day and I am going the hell to sleep!


I didn’t sit down to do a guided or self-led meditation, and as stated, am zombie tired. So I figure, whatever, I’ll just toss something on to absorb while I’m snoozing away. I landed on some sleep meditation music. Sacral Chakra Meditation Balancing & Healing Deep Sleep Meditation it’s called, and 9 hours long it is. 9 hours! That’s crazy, but perfect! I wonder if it’ll do anything for me.


I got some reading in about mudras, essential oils, massages, and crystals. I’ve also been listening to music and dancing up a storm whenever I get bored, need a break, or want to shake things up. I downloaded a couple books to my kindle, the one that I’ve been perusing the most though is Chakra Healing by Margarita Alcantara. I’ll definitely be picking up more books in the future but this seemed like a decent place to start. I also spent a good chunk of time outside, just enjoying the nice weather. I carried my sweet orange oils around with me for whenever I needed a good whiff, and I wore and outfit that had hints of orange in it. I need more orange in my closet! I best start remembering to include orange when I go shopping.

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