Svadhisthana: Day 4

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“Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing. Making your unknown known is the important thing.”Georgia O’Keeffe


Yesterday my yoga practice took a back seat as my exhaustion took over. However, today started fresh and new and I awoke energized and ready to go! Not so ready to go that I hopped onto my mat first thing, but energized enough that I didn’t feel the sleepies dragging me back under with their sticky little grabbies. The day was extra lovely, so warm and sunshiny, and I was feeling extra peppy so after work I decided to stop by the liquor store and grab a nice bottle of white wine. I poured a glass, set out my mat on the porch and got ready to practice the video I missed yesterday, as well as the one planned for today. The first practice is part of a 7 day chakra series with Yoga Tx, led by Jen Hillman, this one of course for the sacral chakra and focused on desire and creativity. The second practice was a Yoga with Adriene video, yoga for creativity. I played both videos back to back, which turned out to be about 70 minutes total of bending, stretching, hip opening, fluid movements and it was a-maz-ing!! It was exactly the ticket for effortlessly sliding into those instragam challenge poses, the pictures which I needed I got right after finishing those two practices. Holy lovely yoga! What an afternoon! Between the warmth from the sun, the incredible cloud formations, the wine, and the creative juices flowing from the yoga, I am in quite a state of bliss and energy.


I didn’t follow along to any set meditation today, nor did I set a timer while I did meditate. All I did today was sit outside on my mat, hands palms down on my knees at first, just drinking in the sun, eyes closed. And I tell you there is nothing more heavenly than soaking up the sun exactly like a sleepy cat in a sunbeam. What I really enjoy about this sitting with eyes closed is the sun shining through the eyelids, creating that bright orange glow. You know what I mean. I felt like I got that extra little spark to that chakra while doing this. Bonus! After sitting like that for a while, I moved my hands palms up and I began to chant the bija mantra Vam in my mind. Now, every time I meditate my thoughts just go and go. I know it’s a whole thing to tame that monkey mind and it takes time and practice and don’t get me wrong, I can absolutely notice a difference from when I started; I am more conscious of when they wander and I can hold my attention for longer I think. Regardless of that progress, you know that punky little monkey mind is just waiting for any slip up to take the whole damn pie mind and run for dear life. When I was just sitting enjoying the sun and orange and warmth, they wandered more but when I started the chanting, I really noticed that I was able to focus on that for quite a while before the monkey came peeking out of the gray matter jungle. So that was a definite success and a reason to smile and be proud.


I really am running out of orange options, so today I pulled out my Russian nesting doll leggings because they have some lovely orange all throughout and they’re also just about my only option. (As if I needed another reason besides them being Russian nesting doll leggings!! They’re the freaking cutest!!! No other reason needed!) I paired them with bright orange socks and a golden yellowish tank (very fall-ish and I bet that it isn’t a bad color for this chakra. I still haven’t seen any secondary or supporting or what have you colors for this chakra. Hmmm who knows!) I never leave home without my trusty (orange) hair-tie and today I threw on some dangly candy corn earrings.

I worked a lot on my bullet journal today, and I read a little bit in my chakra book but other than that it wasn’t a super productive day. Well, besides the yoga and meditation. And bullet journal… Ok… wait, wait… I take it back. It was pretty productive. Maybe it could’ve been more productive? Who know, it is what it is, and it was productive enough. That’s all that matters right?

Anyway, quick ending interlude. This is the week of emotions, creativity and sensuality. Just as last week I very much stimulated my root and got a head cold sinus infection, this week I think I may be over stimulating my emotions and sensuality/sexuality. I’m feeling more lonely and social (that’s really saying something for a generally happily single homebody) and I am feeling much more heightened emotions. Maybe it’s because I’m getting over this illness and I’m sleepy. Maybe my period is coming soon and I’m just getting hormonal. Or maybe I’m stimulating the fuck out of this chakra and it’s going into overdrive. Whatever, the case I’ve been aware of it and when I feel like my emotions are getting out of hand I’ve been repeating to myself “I allow my emotions to flow through me in a healthy way.” Sometimes that’s ended with a cleansing breath, a deep sigh. Sometimes it’s ended with a cry, an angry grunt, or a reflective release. However they’ve been ending though, I notice that that little sentence goes a long way to setting my mind back to a calmer way of thinking and dealing.

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