Svadhisthana: Day 6

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“The richness I achieve comes from nature, the source of my inspiration.”Claude Monet


Oh boy! This weather! This weather, you guys! You guys, this weather! It’s beyond lovely!! 63 degrees and sunny sunny sunny! I spent a good portion of the day outside, just soaking up the warmth and the bright yellow orange rays. I could spend all day just being in the warm sun, eating it up like a lazy fat cat. Like my old cat Heidi (she was an indoor cat that I would reluctantly let outside to explore once in a while. I’m a crazy cat helicopter parent). Funny Heidi story: I went out to my car once to go back to work after my lunch break, got in, started the car and heard a purrmeow from the backseat. Heidi, fat silly crazy cat, had jumped in through the open window and was sleeping in the backseat in the sunbeam. Concentrated sun, stronger heat, more happiness, deeper sleep. That cat had it figured out! Here she is exploring other things:

Anywhoozles, since the weather was so nice, I decided to do my practice in the out of doors. Since I skipped yesterday, I just doubled up today. I’ve been trying to check out different teachers on Facebook, instead of getting into a comfy rut with my go to favorites. I want to get a broader experience and reach, see how other people teach and all the goodies they can share. I had planned to do a Sacral Chakra Level I/II class with Yoga with Biola yesterday, so that’s what I started with today. It wasn’t crazy strenuous in the sense that it wasn’t a flowing vinyasa class, meant to build up that fiery heat in the body. But it was still heat building, it was still challenging. I really enjoyed the way she reminded us of our intention throughout class, as well as giving examples of how chakra imbalances can affect your life. It was a great way to start the day connecting with Svadhisthana.

I followed this practice immediately with the one I had planned for the day. This one was a Sacral flow for Creativity and Abundance by Black Minds in Meditation. This one was a tad shorter than the other video, but it was wonderful to end my practice and get this day rolling. There was a good mix or seated, lying, and standing poses. I really liked the focus on breathing and intention setting in this video. What I also enjoyed was that she filmed this at the beach. So you get this lovely surf sound, occasional birds screeches, white sand, blue skies, and crashing waves. It’s firstly perfect for the watery sacral chakra but secondly it’s just gorgeous. The beach is one of my favorite places to be so it’s nice to have a reminder of it, especially during something I love as much yoga. 2 of my favorite things?! Freaking score.


I didn’t know if I wanted to do a self-led meditation or a guided video today. I eventually settled on a guided one, Sacral Chakra Balancing Meditation by Kimberly Honnell. On the one hand, I felt that this meditation went really quickly and I wanted it to be slower, chiller. She actually goes at a perfectly fine pace, and her voice is nice and calm. But still, I think I would’ve dug this more is she had slowed her roll a bit, talked slower and allowed more time in between different mudras, statements, and silent moments. Although I really did love incorporating mudras! I enjoy incorporating my hands, and giving my body a bit of play. Which makes me think that I’d really dig that movement meditation. Something to try, maybe soon!

I loved that we ended the meditation with the bija mantra vam. Allie the Journal Junkie does that in her chakra series and I loved it immediately. I just really enjoy the chanting, the way you can feel them reverberate in the chest, and connecting in a different way to that chakra. Excellent end to the meditation!

So yeah, overall, decent video, wonderful meditation to get rid of the energy that isn’t helping my sacral energy and bring in some love and support for my favorite chakra, but I wish she had gone a little bit slower, taken a bit more time to let those words and thoughts sink in or float away.


I did yoga and meditation outside, basked in the sun, sipped hot tea, and munched on juicy clementines. I wore candy corn earrings and a shirt with orange swirls in it. I danced about to some fun jams and took a drive through the mountains. And in the early evening I got my mom and me some movie theater popcorn (Yes from the actual movie theater. I looked like a fucking loony person just getting popcorn and immediately leaving I’m sure, but oh well. It’s worth it. So fake buttery delicious!) and pizza and we had ourselves a good old fashioned movie night! We had a witch theme, tis the season and all. We watched Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters and Hocus Pocus. Some good witchy fun! That was roughly the extent of my day. A very good day overall, albeit not the healthiest!

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