Svadhisthana: Day 7

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“The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before.”Neil Gaiman


Closing out Svadhisthana week! Wow this week has sure been a roller coaster of love, fun, some rough emotions, but mainly energizing insightful creativity. I’m bringing all that energy together and sealing it good with some loving yin yoga. Yoga with Kassandra’s Sacral Chakra Yin Yoga for Creativity and Sensuality is going to wind me down, close me out and prep me for the coming week. I did this class in the evening, fairly close to my bedtime. What I absolutely love about Kassandra’s videos is that she includes an affirmation with each pose. Some of the affirmations were easy as were the pose and I know those ones don;t need work. But some poses just kept getting harder and my frustration levels kept rising til I could feel the I-can’t-do-it anger tears heading for the surface. Now sometimes I lost track of what I was supposed to be affirming, but still. I think that it shows that maybe that affirmation wasn’t ringing true for me or it was one I struggled with and so I struggled more with that particular pose. Or maybe not! Maybe I just need to work on those poses. But that’s not as fun, now is it? I didn’t write it down, although I should’ve. Keep a little journal for the thoughts that pop up when I’m practicing. I’ll try to remember to do that.


I was going to do a sit down meditation, but I ended up running out of steam by the time I was ready to meditate and needed to be in a horizontal position, so I just tossed on a sleep meditation to absorb while I dozed. This one was by Meditative Mind and is seriously perfect sleep music. It just gets right down into the deep depths of my body, spreading through my arms, then chest and legs and relaxing me into a deep pre-sleep meditative zoned out state. Who knows how long I actually listened for before I was out like a light. It was probably only like 5 minutes haha! I’m gonna toss this sucker on on the nights I’m feeling restless and have the insomnas.


It wasn’t as nice to today. Pretty windy and chilly, so less outside time. And the leaves are gone from the trees. What is there to be inspired?! I broke out my watercolor paints and got down to work, reminiscing about the warm days and greens everything of summer. Tried to paint something that reminded me of that. I’m not finished with it yet but here’s a glimpse of it:

I have some rearranging I’d like to get accomplished next week which means I spent a good portion of my day deep cleaning and moving around little things in preparation of that. I put on some comfy clothes, turned up the pumpin jams, flipped my wax melter to the on position to get the house smelling like pumpkin goodness, got my hot tea ready and set myself to work. I took a break here and there to eat some salad, some tuna, crackers, clementines, and grapes. And that wraps up my Svadhisthana week!!

Closing Thoughts

  • Svadishtana is Indeed Emotional

    Working this chakra brought up a lot of emotions, which of course makes sense, as it is the seat of the emotions. In addition to all the positive emotions, I’d also be angry, sad, lonely, jealous. All those negative emotions we want to avoid, but that always come rearing their crusty heads crying “me, me, me!” when we least want them and me looking to focus them on someone or something. Then I’d sit down and practice yoga. I’d invariably end up crying but I’d feel so much better after. That stuck, bored energy is very destructive. Getting moving, being productive and remembering that it’s temporary but also within my control was all very helpful. Know what else was helpful?…

  • My New Favorite Mantra

    “I allow my emotions to flow through me in a healthy way.” What a simple phrase. Doesn’t seem that powerful. But this short phrase saved my emotions from flying out of control on more than one occasion. By simply saying this sentence, bringing attention to the fact that my emotions are winning the mutiny, I could take a breath, a step back and realize that it’s ok. It’s ok to feel this feeling but I’m not going to let it rule me. I’m going to let it run it’s course, but it’s going to do so in a healthy manner. So simple. So very, very effective.

  • Overstimulated Chakras?

    Like poking the sleeping bear. Or maybe turning the light on in an underused room, more like. I noticed it with the root chakra, and the phiscal manifestation of a sinus infection. That took SO long to get better. Tuesday was the WORST!! So much sinus pain! But then I noticed that I was just much more emotional than I normally am. And I was emotional the whole week, not just a day or two. And true you could blame that on my period, cuz I generally am more emotional during that time, but I think it goes deeper than that. i think I’m giving my chakras a run for their money and they are just throwing it right back at me. I ain’t stopping though! We’re all just gonna have to work through it, chakras!

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