Svadhisthana Tuesday

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“To give vent now and then to his feelings, whether of pleasure or discontent, is a great ease to a man’s heart.”Francesco Guicciardini

Look at that peaceful, smiling face. Do you think it tells the truth? Do you think that smiling feeling persisted throughout the holding of this pose? Did you guess yes? Well, you’d be wrong, of course. I love yin yoga. I do. It’s right at the top of my favorite styles of yoga. But god is it challenging and in a way that frustrates me right to the point of tears (a good reason why I don’t want to take one of these classes with other people). And this pose… this fucking pose… good old lizard (utthan pristhasana, iffen you want to know the Sanskrit name. I like to, not that I remember most of them tho. One day…)… it kills me. To say that it is difficult for me would be the understatement of the year. I had to pop out of it on each side at least once and it certainly drug up some tempestuous feelings. Ah, but I made it through, slightly stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally and no worse for wear. This practice was quite challenging at times but really helped me work through the predominantly sad emotion I’ve been feeling as of late. Go svadhisthana yoga, you really did your job!

Since svadhisthana is concerned with pleasure and creativity, I also put some music on and I moved my body in way that felt fun and natural to me (haha dancing. I was dancing).

The seat of the emotions, Svadisthana is still my favorite chakra. And oh my. Oh my, my, my, my, my, was this in need of some care. As you may have read in a previous post, I quit smoking and, being a particularly heavy user, have been feeling the adverse effects of that quite acutely. On top of that, I started my period. I KNEW! that it wasn’t just the smoking, cuz have I been sad, friends. Just so sad, for no particular reason. Lonely and crying for days! DAYS! And it’s helping, I’ve been working through my emotions but all of it at once was a lot. Heavy stuff haha. Sometimes you really need a cathartic emotional release. This one’s been long overdue, I suppose. I’ve been trying to put some affirmations to good use in light of this. The one I remember most often and particularly dig is “I allow my emotions to flow through me.” So simple, yet so powerful. I am an emotion suppressor and I don’t love that even a little. This simple little phrase has been letting me feel those emotions but not be overtaken by them.

I don’t have many orange clothes, so I cobbled together an outfit that featured bits of orange throughout; a skirt featuring ferns and flowers with orange on the flowers, a shirt with an orange sun and fox, and socks with orange in them as well. I used my copper aspen earrings because they’re orange-y and nature-y and aspens are one of my favorite trees. Perfection I say!

I ate well, eggs and an orange for breakfast and black bean citrus burritos, cilantro lime cauliflower rice, and corn for dinner. Now that’s what I call healthy! Makes me feel good about eating a whole plate of food. Maybe it wasn’t the most svadhisthana focused foods, but there was a nod to them and it was still very healthy so I can’t complain.

Come back around to see what I get up to tomorrow on Manipura day!

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