Muladhara: Day 4

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I picked up a few beets as well. I mean, purplish-red, root vegetable. It’s straight up perfect! now the problem here is that I have never had a beet. As much as I’m into trying new foods, there is something about the beet that turns me way the fuck off. I just cannot bring myself to put it in my mouth, Yet here I am, buying a bunch of them to balance this root of mine. Well, well, I’ll just have to get creative and hope for the best! SCENTS COLORS & MOREI started a watercolor picture today. It’s got 2 badgers in it and a tree. I put (or attempted to put, one little apple hanging from the tree cuz, ya know, red. But I also included the muladhara flower onto one of the badgers. I mainly did the outline in pencil and painted some white on and that was that for the day.

Muladhara: Day 2

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Yesterday I spaced on wearing red but then I realized that the leggings I chose had red in the pattern. So it worked out perfect! However, looking through my closet today I must admit I own very, very little red. I’ve got a couple skirts, but it’s getting cold and they aren’t warm enough, a few shirts and only a few pairs of socks. Not too many things to choose from. So I chose a red shirt, some red jewelry, and a red hair-tie. I don’t necessarily know that this helped me feel more grounded but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I like red, why don’t I own more? Strange…

What’s My Deal With Meditation?

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To meditate. To think deeply, to focus one’s mind for a period of time, either in silence or through chanting. I’ve been following along with the Yoga with Allie chakra challenge and at the end of each video she includes a chanting meditation (and seriously for the first couple days I beat myself up because I was avoiding meditating and I felt like a slacking failure until I realized… durrrrrr! I AM meditating!! This brain sometimes, I swear.) Anywhoozles, I’ve realized a few things from this first week of meditating: We start by chanting aloud, then slowly get softer until we’re silent and chanting in our minds. And as soon as we stop chanting aloud my brain starts running a mile a minute with any and every thought that decides to glance it’s way. I try to reign them in but I don’t even realize it’s happened at first, so they get to run rampant for a while probably. Cripes …