Muladhara: Day 7

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I have a wax melter that I put to frequent use. Because it’s October and time for all things pumpkin, cider, warming spices, etc., I had to turn it on and get my room into that heavenly smelling state. I am all about the fall smells. Seriously. Like obsessed. They are probably my favorite of all the smells. Anywaaaaaaays… I combined a few cubes of pumpkin spice with a few cubes of mulled cider and oh… just nose heaven oh… it’s good. I worked some more on that painting I started. Added browns for the tree and ground, colored the sky blue, and that little apple red. I added more white to the badgers. and that was all I got done. I’ll finish up the black on the badgers soon, as well as finishing up the Muladhara mandala on the big badger. Productivity, score! Now, I’m not crazy artistic and I haven’t done art seriously in years, so no judgements! …

Muladhara: Day 4

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I picked up a few beets as well. I mean, purplish-red, root vegetable. It’s straight up perfect! now the problem here is that I have never had a beet. As much as I’m into trying new foods, there is something about the beet that turns me way the fuck off. I just cannot bring myself to put it in my mouth, Yet here I am, buying a bunch of them to balance this root of mine. Well, well, I’ll just have to get creative and hope for the best! SCENTS COLORS & MOREI started a watercolor picture today. It’s got 2 badgers in it and a tree. I put (or attempted to put, one little apple hanging from the tree cuz, ya know, red. But I also included the muladhara flower onto one of the badgers. I mainly did the outline in pencil and painted some white on and that was that for the day.

Muladhara: Day 2

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Yesterday I spaced on wearing red but then I realized that the leggings I chose had red in the pattern. So it worked out perfect! However, looking through my closet today I must admit I own very, very little red. I’ve got a couple skirts, but it’s getting cold and they aren’t warm enough, a few shirts and only a few pairs of socks. Not too many things to choose from. So I chose a red shirt, some red jewelry, and a red hair-tie. I don’t necessarily know that this helped me feel more grounded but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I like red, why don’t I own more? Strange…

Natural Cleaning with Essential Oils

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My first (FINALLY!!!!) foray into recipe making with essential oils. I wanted an all purpose cleaner but I’ll but using it primarily for freshening up that occasionally stinky and dirty yoga mat o’mine. I found a simple recipe to follow in this book; just 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar and 1/2 cup water and 20 drops essential oils. I wasn’t sure what oils paired well or which ones I even wanted to use so I ended up making 3 different recipes. I also didn’t have a larger spray bottle, just these small 2 something ounce ones so it made sense to split it up and try a couple different scent combos. I’m not sure how much oil I ended up adding from each because it got to the point I was really just trying to knock out the vinegar scent. Vinegar scent = big thumbs down from me. Let me tell you though, that orange peppermint one?…. smells amazing! The …